The Cañon Lodge Care Center softball team

During the summer and fall of 2015, associates from Cañon Lodge Care Center in Cañon City, Colorado, and their family members, took to the softball field.


Each week, associates played a different team in the community’s co-ed league. Games took place at the nearby Rouse Park, and activity associates transported residents to the games as well so they could watch the action.


"They are great fans and enjoy cheering on Cañon Lodge,” said Jamie Baca, payroll coordinator and a member of the team.


“I feel good when we go to the games, especially when we win!” said resident Ruth Sneddon.


Fellow resident Andres Castellanos shared, “I like going out and watching the staff play. Whether they win or lose, it doesn’t matter. It’s fun.”


This is the second year Cañon Lodge Care Center has participated in the league. This year, the team created shirts in memory of a past resident who used to love watching the games in 2014.


“This has been a great activity that has brought associates, their families and residents together to enjoy a night out at the ball field,” said Baca.


“The highlight was seeing the residents there watching and cheering us on,” said Grace Mouriquand, business office manager.

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