Florence Morrell

One of our beloved residents at Cañon Lodge Care Center in Cañon City, Colorado, recently celebrated a big milestone.


Florence Morrell’s family traveled from near and far to enjoy a party on Aug. 19, 2017, for her 100th birthday. Although her birthday is Nov. 13, the family wanted to celebrate sooner, when more family could fly out. They were kind enough to have a catered lunch provided from Olive Garden to share with all residents, guests and associates. They brought in decorations and a cake in Morrell’s favorite colors: pink, black and white. They showered her with gifts and lots of love.


Morrell’s son, Greg, reminisced about some of his wonderful memories of his mom. She worked for Sears for about 10 years and loved it! She had lots of fun. While she raised three young kids, she worked for U-Haul at home, assembling the little electrical connections for their trailers. Her son said she would have the pieces scattered all over the place. Once they were assembled, she would staple them in baggies and take them down to U-Haul, pick up more and start all over. She was always working hard and was good at everything she put her mind to.


On Sundays, Morrell would get the kids ready and take them to church. Afterward, there was always a potluck dinner where church members would socialize with the friends and neighbors. Then it was off to Gramma and Grampa’s house for a family dinner.


Morrell’s hobbies included listening to music by Glenn Miller, Henry Mancini, Lawrence Welk and other old-time, big-band types. She loved to dance, and she and her husband would dress up fancy and go out to classy dance clubs together. She also liked to do ceramics and made all kinds of things including lamps, décor and just about anything she could. Her favorite card game was Canasta, although her son said he wondered why she wouldn’t just play a normal card game.


In 2012, Morrell moved out to Colorado from Pennsylvania. As well as having three children, she has seven grandchildren and a whopping 17 great-grandchildren!


Morrell is a sweet, beautiful and special lady. She has lived a wonderful, full life, and we are so blessed to have her as part of the Cañon Lodge family.

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